Rượu Creations: How to make the Hanoi “Literature Capital” cocktail

Featured at the 2017 Singapore Cocktail Festival, Ho Chi Minh City’s Glow Skybar mixologist Du Vien invented the “Hanoi Literature Capital” cocktail to capture the essence of Hanoi’s beautiful spring. In this article, he will show you how to make this traditional-but-trendy summer drink.

Calling Ho Chi Minh City home, Du Vien frequently visits Hanoi and is always impressed with the city’s ability to retain its rich cultural heritage and traditions. “Every time I visit Hanoi there is always something new to learn,” Du Vien explains, which is ultimately what inspired him to name his cocktail after Vietnam’s first university, The Temple of Literature.

“During the month of March, Hanoi is at its most beautiful. I use Son Tinh Mo Vang (apricot) because the apricots at this time are just coming into season,” says Du Vien.

Hanoi Literature Cocktail

“Hanoi Literature” creation, featured at the 2017 Singapore Cocktail Festival

His “Hanoi Literature Cocktail” concoction uses dry gin, Campari, apricot juice, aromatic bitters and Son Tinh Mo Vang. Follow these steps to create your own:

Step 1: Combine ingredients

Combine these ingredients in a large tumbler filled with ice:

  • 50ml: Dry gin
  • 15ml: Nước mơ (Apricot juice)
  • 20ml: Sơn Tinh Mơ Vàng
  • 20ml: Campari
  • 2 dashes: Rượu đắng tạo mùi (Aromatic bitters)

Step 2: Stir

Next, stir the contents thoroughly.

Step 3: Strain into coupe cocktail glass

Strain contents into a chilled coupe glass.

Step 4: Garnish and serve

Finally, garnish with dry sugared apricots and orange peel. Serve straight up.


With apricot as the hero, this is a perfect concoction for an stylish summer treat that will brighten up your day.

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