Sơn Tinh is a unique selection of authentic Vietnamese flavours, carefully hand-crafted in small batches from 100% natural ingredients, and well matured over many years.

The appeal and quality of this traditional yet trendy product range has been acknowledged at several international spirit competitions making Sơn Tinh Vietnam’s first internationally recognised and awarded liquor, as an original Vietnamese spirit category called “Rượu”.


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Online magazine, TheFiftyBest.com, recently contacted Sơn Tinh to get their hands on the best Rượu that Vietnam has to offer.
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A range of 12 natural, unique Vietnamese flavours from fruits and traditional herbs and spices. Vietnam in a glass!!
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Beginning in 2011 Sơn Tinh decided to subject its only locally known products to the scrutiny of international experts by submitting them to a number of renowned international spirit competitions.

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Besides liquor itself Sơn Tinh also offers a range of branded products associated with the Culture of Liquor
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After months of mixing and matching, tasting and testing, Sơn Tinh has successfully created a miracle, adopting thousands of years of Vietnamese tradition into a new, modern range of innovative cocktails
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We are currently looking for professional distributors of Sơn Tinh Premium Spirits. For conditions on how to become a Sơn Tinh distributor please contact us via sales@sontinh.com
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You deserve the best!!

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