How To Make A Lychee Cocktail Using Ruou Son Tinh Rice Liquor

Son Tinh challenged Savage Lounge owner and veteran mixologist Fabien Marcault to come up with a lychee cocktail using this East-Asian native fruit…

It’s currently lychee season and our distillery happens to be in an area called Le Chi (old Vietnamese word for lychee), so you’d know how inspired we are from this East-Asian native fruit. To celebrate lychee season, we raised Fabien Marcault from Savage Lounge a little cocktail challenge.

This is an image of ruou son tinh rice liquor and a bunch of fresh lychees on the bar at Savage lounge in Hanoi

It’s lychee season in Vietnam, which only means one thing – new Son Tinh cocktails!

The brief: Come up with a cocktail using lychees and Son Tinh Nep Phu Loc.

This is an image of Savage owner and veteran mixologist Fabien Marcault mixing ruou Son Tinh

Savage owner and veteran mixologist Fabien Marcault mixes ruou Son Tinh

The result: A chic, sophisticated cocktail creation that is complex enough to woo all guests, and easy enough to make at home.

This is an image of a Son Tinh Lychee Cocktail created in Hanoi Vietnam

A Son Tinh Lychee Cocktail by Savage mixologist Fabien Marcault in Hanoi

Fabien’s principle on mixology revolves around one thing: discipline. With this cocktail, he showcased the flair and experience that can only come from a decade of professional mixology, to create a drinking experience like no other. His discipline allowed him to put creative twists as well as mixology “traditions” at just the right places. Egg white was used to make the drink lighter and create foam. Cranberry juice accented the sweetness of lychees. And two lychees on a skewer made for the perfect garnish.

His final creation is complex, with layers of different flavours, shining through are the lychees’ trademark sweetness and Nep Phu Loc’s kick.

Without further ado, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create this chic and trendy cocktail.

Step 1: Put these ingredients in a shaker with ice

  • 45ml Son Tinh Nep Phu Loc,
  • 15ml Egg white,
  • 15ml Cranberry Juice,
  • 20ml Lychee Liqueur,
  • 15ml Pineapple syrup
  • A pinch of crushed pepper

Step 2: Shake as hard as you can

Use both hands and shake vigorously over your shoulder. Stop when the outside of the shaker frosts up.

Step 3: Strain into a margarita saucer

The final product is foamy with a pinkish colour.  A margarita saucer’s chic shape and style would complement this concoction perfectly.

Step 4: Garnish with fresh lychees on a skewer and crushed pepper

No matter how delicious lychee liqueur is, there’s nothing like fresh lychee.


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