Son Tinh Secrets: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Vietnam’s Premium Rice Liquor

Many nuances come into the making of Vietnamese traditional rice liquor. For Son Tinh, as Vietnam’s first rice spirit brand to be internationally awarded, we pay attention to the smallest of details. Here are some secrets you’d never know could affect the quality of Ruou.

1. Traditional rice liquor tastes better when sealed with mahogany corks:

The best wood to make traditional rice liquor bottle corks is mahogany

It’s no coincidence that we choose to recycle mahogany bits to make our corks. Mahogany’s ability to resist rots, contraction, and expansion enables it to endure every weather. Its character persists for years, which makes it the perfect partner for liquor that is meant to be aged.

But best of all, its muted scent doesn’t interfere with the liquor’s flavor and aroma. Every detail, no matter how small, is to highlight the authentic flavours of rượu.

2. How to find the purest rose apples for Son Tinh Tao Meo

Rose apple, or Táo Mèo, is a wild fruit growing in the northern mountains of Vietnam.

Here, the ethnic H’Mong people walk deep and high into the treacherous mountains, to return days later with buckets of the small-but-potent mountain rose apples.

Our flavour Son Tinh Tao Meo selects only the best of these, and highlights the mix of fruit and flower that make rose apples so distinct.

3. Son Tinh has the ultimate traditional insulation

Our traditional rice liquor is stored in a room of perfect insulation

Our distillery is built with kiln bricks from the traditional ceramics village of Bat Trang. These bricks have absorbed all the moisture from the clay at high heat, making them dense and durable. The air is trapped inside the bricks, making them the perfect insulation for a distillery, house or cellar.

Who needs underground cellars when we have the ultimate traditional insulation?

4. Son Tinh Mo Vang is so punchy because it uses Vietnamese apricots, not Western ones

Vietnamese apricots are small, but very punchy

Vietnamese apricots are about half the size of their Western counterparts, but pack almost twice the flavour. This is exactly why Son Tinh Mo Vang‘s so punchy.

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