Are you a U.S bar owner? Here’s why it’s time to be excited about Vietnamese rice liquor

We’re ready – our first large-scale shipment of Vietnam’s only internationally-awarded rice liquor is ready for exportation to our distributor in the United States. Here’s why U.S bar owners should be excited…

It’s been a huge month of global tasting sessions.

From the Singapore Cocktail Festival to New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, our master distiller Markus Madeja and Business Development Manager Nicolas Legroux have been visiting to U.S bar owners. Especially ones who are looking for something new to offer – something like a quality, small-batch Vietnamese rice liquor that can be used to replace western bitters in cocktails, enjoyed straight, on the rocks or paired carefully with food.

Next, Son Tinh Original Ruou heads to the United States east coast, starting with the United States Trade Tasting Event in New York City on May 16th – 17th.

This is a flyer for the United States Trade Tasting event in New York City this May

Ruou Son Tinh will be at the United States Trade Tasting event in New York

Our presence here is followed by a booth at the BAR 2017 expo in Chicago on May 21st and 22nd.

This is a flyer for Ruou Son Tinh's booth at the BAR 2017 expo in Chicago

Meet Ruou Son Tinh at Booth 11154b BAR 2017 expo in Chicago?

But before our shipment leaves and we get the chance to meet you all personally, here’s why U.S bar owners and cocktail lovers should be as excited as we are right now:

1. Vietnamese Cuisine is hot!

A quick Google Trends search confirms that “Vietnamese cuisine” has been trending in recent years – look how much it’s searched for compared to “Vietnam travel”. People are excited by the food and drink coming out of here and the interest is growing.

This is a Google Trends graph showing the popularity of Vietnamese cuisine globally

Google Trends shows how popular Vietnamese cuisine is globally

Vietnam has also proven time again that it’s a hotbed for local and foreign businesses in the recent decade. Defying the Asian market slowdown by increasing its GDP by almost 7% annually, it is in this hotbed that Son Tinh now leads the premium rice liquor market.

2. The surprising use of Son Tinh in new cocktails

It mixes perfectly. Many prominent mixologists have stated this about Son Tinh, including Richie Fawcett, GM and mixologist at the Shri Lounge in Ho Chi Minh City.

This is an image of a mixologist in Ho Chi Minh City mixing cocktails with Ruou Son Tinh premium rice spirit

Mixologist Richie Fawcett uses Son Tinh to replace western bitters in his unique cocktails

“95% of the time I am using Son Tinh as a substitute for a western bitter,” he says in our latest series of interviews, since many of Son Tinh’s flavours can be mixed into a great number of different beverages, including Shri’s own “Le Thanh Ton” cocktail, which substitutes what would typically be a gin with the original base flavour, Nep Phu Loc.

Other top restaurants and lounges throughout Vietnam have also followed suit, including the world-renowned Reverie Hotel, which features a Son Tinh Nep Phu Loc and rice milk cocktail called the Saigonese Morning. The Bamboo Bar at the Legendary Sofitel Metropole in Hanoi also features a Son Tinh infused lime margarita, which uses Son Tinh’s Minh Mang flavour instead of what would typically be a tequila.

3. There are twelve distinct flavours, each offering a different experience and F&B application

This is an image of the 12 Ruou Son Tinh flavours. Premium rice liquor in Vietnam that all have different F&B applications for bar owners

The 12 unique flavours range all have different F&B applications for experimental bar owners

The flavour which has most bartenders buzzing is the clear coloured Nep Phu Loc (sticky rice). The simplest of all our spirits, Nep Phu Loc works perfectly as a base for countless cocktail recipes. It can easily reinvent cocktails that would typically use a gin, tequila or vodka.

The eleven other flavours of the Son Tinh family work excellently as aperitifs and digestifs. They couple perfectly before and after meals of fish, seafood and rare meats. The almost port-like Nep Cam (red sticky rice) should be enjoyed young and pairs well with red meats, strong cheeses and nuts. The sweeter end of the Son Tinh flavour spectrum (Apricot, Rose Apple, Passion Fruit and Red Plum) is best served on the rocks, while the six herbal flavours are best sipped like a fine cognac. Take, for example, Nhat Da, one of our traditional herbals partaking in the worldwide rejuvenation of unique, old-style, almost forgotten regional flavours. It’s another of our flavours that is exciting mixologists with its complexity and versatility to create new sophisticated cocktails.

With all the possibilities offered in our full range of flavours, the ultimate joy is to experiment with different combinations to create exciting new experiences for your customers.

So, see you soon?

We’ve been plying our trade for 19 years in Vietnam. Now, with international recognition from the likes of The Asian Spirits Masters and Vietnam’s seeds firmly taking root in the global F&B conversation, it’s time for Son Tinh to set our sights to the western market.

New York is the next step. Followed by Chicago. It will be a great opportunity for you to get your first taste of this unique Vietnamese rice spirit before and experiment with it before it truly enters your market.

Lead image credit: The Le Loi Cocktail creation by Richie Fawcett, taken at Shri Lounge and Bar in Ho Chi Minh City

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